Are you a Porter Davis homeowner impacted by their colapse?

If you are one of the homeowners impacted by Porter Davis going into liquidation, you’re probably wondering what you can do from here. Below are our 5 tips on how to start moving forward again.

Step 1: Domestic Building Insurance

  • Go through your contract document and look for your Domestic Building Insurance (which is likely issued by VMIA).  If you cannot locate any Domestic Building Insurance you can complete the Domestic Building Insurance Property Search and the VMIA will inform you if a policy has been taken out
  • Go to the Domestic Building Insurance Portal (DBI Portal) and submit your claim
  • If you have any queries about your Domestic Building Insurance, you can contact the VMIA on their dedicated email or phone number – or phone 1300 363 424
  • You should do the above as quickly as possible to ‘get in the que’.

Step 2: Engage a building Consultant to prepare a status of work report

  • This will be critical for two reasons
    • It will inform the VMIA the status of the works and any defective works which need to be rectified
    • It will inform any new third party builder of the same issues (ie, the status of the works and any works that need to be rectified)

Step 3: Contact your Registered Building Surveyor (RBS)

  • You should also contact your RBS to confirm the status of your building permit and if there are any steps you need to take

Step 4: Secure the Property

  • You should also ensure the site is secure and safe
    • This may require you to install temporary fencing (or contact the temp fencing company to see if you can continue to pay the invoice so they don’t remove the fencing)
    • This may require you to contact your home & contents insurance to see if they will cover you for the property (although they may not as it is still under construction)

Step 5: Engage a new builder who may take on the project or register yourself as an owner builder

  • This is probably going to be the hardest step depending on the stage of your works
  • Make sure the new builder has a copy of your Building Consultant’s Report so the scope of building works is clearly understood
  • It is important to ensure your new contract terms are fair (as the price and inclusions may change)

Chat to us if you’d like to learn more.

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