Building And Construction Law

Building And Construction Law

Working with both Owners and builders (from start-up builders to major volume builders) Spectrum Lawyers & Consultants can assist you in a variety of projects including:

  • Provide contract advice on your building contract before you commence any building works (or even before you sign a contract) to ensure you have the correct contract provisions and structure
  • Create template documents to streamline your building processes
  • Assist you manage disputes which may arise during a building project whether it is a contractual dispute or a defective works dispute
  • Represent you at a mediation or conciliation and advise you on settlement options
  • DBDRV and VCAT disputes
  • Mange home warranty and insurance claims
  • Drafting manuals on compliance with the building contract
  • Reviewing and advising on display village contracts
  • Reviewing and advising on marketing collateral

Training / Advice

Spectrum Lawyers & Consultants can also provide training, individually tailored to your requirements (whether it be senior management, staff generally, inductions or one-on-one training). Some of the topics could include the following, but we would be happy to discuss any other training requirements you may have:

  • Understanding the relevant building legislation, including Domestic Building Contracts Act, Building Act and associated Regulations.
  • Understanding the Domestic Building Contracts Act
  • Specific operational topics – eg, claiming an effective extension of time; how to make a valid variation; When is it ok to vary the payment schedule in a building contract
  • Preparing for the Domestic Building Dispute Resolution of Victoria
  • Preparing for Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal
  • Engaging an expert at VCAT
  • Identifying defective works and recharging a contractor
  • Working with private building consultants

Debt Recovery

Sometimes the issue is getting paid after you win a case, or establishing proper documentation / training to enable your business to recharge your contractors for defective work. At Spectrum Lawyers & Consultants, we can help you

  • Recover your money against the other party if you successfully win your case;
  • Draft the necessary paperwork to establish a right to recharge or set-off claims for defective work by your contractors;
  • Provide training to your supervisors and management about how to implement the recharge / set-off process against contractors for defective work (and then be able to collect the debt).


Once we have a full understanding of your requirements, we can offer you a fixed price for our services. Contact us for more information

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