Preparing your will

Some important considerations when preparing your will:

  • Executor: This is the person you appoint to carry out your final wishes. This should be someone your trust and who has the required time to fulfil this role.
  • Guardian: The person/people to care for your children. This should be someone with similar values and lifestyle choices. You may also wish to consider any specific wishes regarding guardianship, including where your children will live, who they should or should not see and any education/extra-curricular activities you would like them to have.
  • Gifts: This is your opportunity to nominate any sentimental items (for example, wedding rings, heirlooms, collectables) that you want to leave to a specific person.
  • Beneficiaries: This is the person or people you want to leave your estate to or it may even be a charity or organisation. If your beneficiary is a minor (under the age of 18) you may wish to consider leaving the benefit in a trust.
  • Burial / Cremation / Funeral Instructions: You may have specific requests about whether you are buried or cremated wish you can identify in your Will. Likewise, you may have specific funeral instructions or wishes about whether you want to be an organ donor.
  • Exclusions: If you specifically have someone (or multiple people) you want to exclude from your Will, it is important to note them.

Steps to prepare your Will

If at any stage you have any questions, please contact us and we would be more than happy to answer them and work through the Instruction Form with you.

Pricing for your Will

  • $250 (inc GST) per standard Will
  • This fee includes any consultations to complete the form and the final signing appointment.
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