A Spectrum of Possibilities



Life, just like business, can throw you challenges that you don’t expect. You can decide to run and hide or face them head on.  Donna Abu-Elias and Fred Abu-Elias have decided to start 2020 by joining forces to help their customers conquer their challenges, just how they conquer the daily challenges and reap the amazing rewards of being a family with a little boy on the Spectrum!

In 2018, Donna made the decision to establish Spectrum Lawyers. A freelance consultancy service to various contractors, owners and builders specialising in residential and commercial building and construction law. Donna also provides services to individuals to prepare Wills and Powers of Attorney so individuals can protect their loved ones.

Since launching Spectrum Lawyers, Donna has successfully built her law firm with great support from her clients over Australia (including Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia). From major volume national builders, to medium-custom builders to small start-up builders. Not only does Donna represent builders, but she represents contractors (for defective work claims and also debt recovery) and also Owners who require building contract advice or have disputes with their builders. Working for an array of large, medium and small builders and contractors gives Spectrum Lawyers a unique insight into “the real world” and by sitting on the HIA IR & Legal Committee, Donna is acutely aware of the issues facing her clients on the ground in their everyday business.

To offer more support to Donna and her family, Donna’s husband, Fred, relaunched Spectrum Coach. Specialising in the new homes industry, Spectrum Coach offers services such as sales and operations, business and management coaching, and also the ability to provide clients with complete new home designs. Spectrum Coach also has clients over Australia (including Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria) and has home designs to suit each State in Australia. In addition to offering business and management coaching, Spectrum Coach can provide practical templates such as sales documentation; process mapping and workflow templates for both business-use and customer-journey mapping.

Spectrum Lawyers is thrilled to join services with Spectrum Coach, as now this offers builders and contractors the unique opportunity to receive a full spectrum of services from sales & marketing; home designs; business coaching; operations, and legal advice all in one. This also provides both Spectrum Lawyers and Spectrum Coach a thorough understanding of all aspects our client’s businesses. And what’s better, all services can be tailored on a flexible fixed fee arrangement.

If you’d like to learn more about how Spectrum Lawyers and Spectrum Coach can help support and grow your business, please contact us today.


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