Benefits of in-house legal

8 reasons how in-house legal counsel can help your business.



Most people will say lawyers don’t understand business. And it’s true that a lawyer can’t step in and play the role of a CEO, a General Manager, or the people on the ground dealing with the customer. But what a lawyer does understand is the law. And ensuring your business is legally compliant is critical in protecting your business, yourself and your employees.

You may not have the budget for a full-time lawyer, and you don’t want to pay exorbitant bills charged on an hourly basis for every time you pick up the phone to ask a ‘simple question’. But the consequences of winging it when it comes to legal issues can be costly, and is some cases, cause irreversible damage to a business.

But don’t worry – you have options. Spectrum Lawyers provides a flexible approach to working with your business on a daily fixed rate (just one or two days a week) to support the growth of your business.

Some of the benefits:


  1. Peace of mind. You can rest assured that you have a qualified and experienced professional providing solid advice. Not someone ‘guessing’ or simply unaware of potential issues;
  2. We can assist you spot legal issues before they arise by reviewing your documentation and providing training;
  3. We can be the middle person between legal advisers you use so you can get on with your day-to-day work;
  4. You can focus on your core business whilst knowing corporate affairs and disputes are managed efficiently and effectively;
  5. With our deeper knowledge of your business, we can offer deeper legal recommendations which you can incorporate into your strategic planning;
  6. You can be proactive for regulation changes and industry demands;
  7. Bounce ideas – consider broader issues – compliance; record management; IP issues; dispute resolution;
  8. No more hourly bills – know what your expenses are so you can incorporate into your budget, with peace of mind knowing you have tailored legal services.

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