Why you should give a cup

Friend in Me is a registered Australian charity that promotes social inclusion and acceptance in children through sensory friendly events, workshops and online programs.

As the Secretary and Legal Director of Friend and Me, I am very passionate and proud of this charity. This year has been incredibly difficult for Friend in Me (like it has for many) as we have been unable to hold any of our large fundraising events which include bringing the children together for some much-needed laughter and happiness.

We wouldn’t be here without the strong support that has been show to us by the community and we wouldn’t be changing the lives of these children if you didn’t have our back.

But we need more…..

We need more funding to research, create and deliver our education programs. We need more funding to be able to bring the joy to at risk and disadvantaged children through our events and workshops. We need more funding to provide respite and care to families that need it most.

We wish we could make this happen with just our passion and smiles but the reality is, to keep this program alive – we need dollars.

So, Friend in Me has launched their #IGIVEACUP campaign!

Could you pledge a coffee or hot drink a week to be part of promoting a world full of inclusion and acceptance for at risk and disadvantaged children?

We are asking you to pledge $5.20 per week to create a world of inclusion for our children.
To make sure that no child is left behind.

$22.53 per month may be a drop in the ocean for you, but for those families who rely on our support, we are their lifeline, so please help us to continue our work and keep our charity alive.

What do you get in return? You get to know that you are being a part of this change. You are part of the solution to creating an inclusive world. Oh, and everyone who signs up for the pledge gets a keep cup!

So we ask you…. Do you give a cup?

Please donate today: https://www.friendinme.org.au/copy-of-partners-4-change

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